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We get it – it’s no secret how expensive new tires and wheels can be. While they are a worthy investment and certainly necessary for your vehicle to function, they aren’t always in the budget. Renting may seem like the best – and often the only – way to go about getting some new shoes for your car. Thankfully, we have a better option for you!

At Tires 2 U, we offer a solution that allows you to buy and own your tires and wheels affordably, without having to rent anything. Unlike offers from our competitors, with us you can actually OWN your tires and wheels over time without having to rent them! No upfront cash Available? Bad credit rating? No problem!

It’s called Snap Finance – a 100 day cash payoff with NO credit financing and no interest either! You can apply and get approval in a snap, and it’s treated just as if you were to pay in cash.

Stop renting your tires and wheels, and take ownership of what you want today!

Available Tire Brands

When it’s time to replace your tires, look no further than Tires 2 U. We offer one of the largest selections of tire brands in the state of Texas and have a tire for every preference! You can find popular national brands like Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly, specialty tire brands such as Vogue tires and even some off brand tires such as Ohtsu tires at any of our locations.

New Wheels

At Tires 2 U, we offer one of the largest and affordable selections of wheels in Texas. To browse available options for your vehicle, please click the button below to get started.

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