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TY577 MC2

Features of Yokohama TY577 MC2

  • Advanced tread compound technology
  • Closed shoulder rib
  • Contoured bead shape
  • Funnel-shaped groove
  • 30/32" deep groove depth
  • Stress wear control groove
  • Stem-2 technology
  • EPA SmartWay Verified
  • Yokohama Limited Warranty/Adjustment Policy for Truck/Bus Tires
  • Special Casing Warranty

Benefits of Yokohama TY577 MC2

  • Engineered to reduce heat buildup, provide longer wear and reduce rolling resistance, all resulting in maximized fuel-efficiency
  • Enables more rubber-to-road contact, for long, even wear
  • Optimizes tire-to-rim alignment, for highly uniform rolling and reduced friction, resulting in long, even wear and a smooth ride
  • Designed to deliver a firm and stable road grip while maximizing run-out mileage
  • Redistributes more load to the outside rib, greatly reducing the chance of shoulder step-down wear
  • Redirects destructive casing flex, leading to improved casing durability and retreadability

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