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RL45 E-4/L-4

Features of Yokohama RL45 E-4/L-4

  • Deep tread
  • Advanced tread compound composition
  • Zigzag shaped grooves
  • Non-Directional block pattern
  • Oversized angled lugs
  • High turn-up carcass construction
  • Buttress side protection
  • Flexible OTR belt wire
  • Yokohama Standard Limited Warranty For Off-The-Road Tires (Mining/Construction)

Benefits of Yokohama RL45 E-4/L-4

  • Delivers longer, better wear on the roughest of surfaces
  • Provides outstanding wear, low heat generation and cut resistance
  • Creates better traction on rocky and gravel surfaces
  • Provides abrasion and cut resistance and makes rotating more convenient
  • Allow for less void promoting long, even wear and improved traction for the life of the tire
  • Protects against exterior damage and offers greater lateral stiffness for better riding comfort
  • Helps prevent outside damage resulting in fewer sidewall snags and cuts
  • Creates the industry's toughest multi-layer cross-ply steel belt package to improve durability

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