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Features of Yokohama GEOLANDAR ATS (G012)

  • Driving on Australian outback road, it's important to stay in the tyre tracks, and not stray into the mounds of loose stuff, when travelling fast on gravel - the ATS has good on-centre feel and straight line stability
  • Tread compound
  • Driving in the snow without chains - snow on snow grips better than rubber on snow
  • Driving on the beach in soft sand - not so aggressive that it digs the vehicle down into the sand
  • Silent Tyre Technology from the passenger range
  • Free Road Hazard Protection available

Benefits of Yokohama GEOLANDAR ATS (G012)

  • To help the driver feel more confident and comfortable in these conditions
  • Remarkably cut and chip resistant
  • Works well on snow because the tread picks up a little snow
  • Vehicle rides on top of sand comfortably. Lower the pressures for better performance
  • Makes the ATS surprisingly quiet for an all terrain tyre

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