Features of Vee Rubber VITRON

  • Optimized asymmetrical tread design with dual-nature technology
  • 4 large zig-zag circumferential grooves
  • Multitude of horizontal grooves and sipes
  • Multiple pitch/phase variation
  • Half channel - circumferential sipe/rib
  • Constant contact design

Benefits of Vee Rubber VITRON

  • Mount red side out for optimum dry climate performance, mount blue side out for optimum wet climate performance
  • Provide optimum water evacuation from tread surface to ensure outstanding wet and snow traction
  • Create "squeegee" effect allowing rubber to cut through top layer of water on surface of road or ice, enabling traction
  • Contrasting designs on inside/outside and pitch variation on outside blocks provide a remarkably quiet and smooth ride
  • Enhances wet traction while reducing irregular wear by creating a water channel but also reinforcing the blocks
  • Ensures equal contact with road at all times reducing vibration and ensuring longer mileage

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

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