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Tires to You is one of the fastest growing companies tire store in Texas. We believe that taking care of each customer one at a time is the only way to grow a successful business. Come to Tires to You and experience exceptional service and value.

Your One Stop Tire Shop

Although vehicles require maintenance, it often becomes the tires and wheels that take a beating time and again. It takes a full-service tire shop that provides tire repair solutions and quality inventory to keep more vehicles running smooth daily.

Smoother Daily Rides

Most tires and wheels begin to wear out after a couple of months, depending on how frequently that you drive. Unfortunately, when you cannot find affordable new tires, it can feel challenging to complete your daily work, studying, and errands.

Your Trusted Local Tire Store

Tires To You remains your trusted local tire store that always saves you more on replacements and repairs. From wheel alignment and custom rims to tire rotations, and more, you can depend on us each time for your tire service.

Experience the Difference

See why more area residents choose us as their preferred wheel shop and save more on your vehicle’s needs today. No one carries more brands and sizes of tires or offers as many repair services as our talented tire team.

Choose Tires To You, where affordability meets excellence, and experience a tire journey like no other.

  • Professional Mounting
  • Tire Rotations
  • Alignment Checks
  • Free Wheel Washing
  • Free Flat Repair
  • Air Pressure Check
  • 30 Day Ride Guarantee
  • Lifetime Balance Guarantee
  • One Year Alignment Guarantee
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BEST TIRE Repair Shop

Whether you need a replacement tire for your flat tire or it’s time for an alignment, we offer tire repairs. Why schedule another expensive visit to a mechanic’s shop when we provide more tire service options than anyone else around?

Our experienced repair team can provide a wide range of services that keep any car or truck running its best. When you need to know that your vehicles receive the best quality of care for your tires’ maintenance, choose Tires To You.

You can rely on our store to provide affordable tire repairs and replacements, as well as custom wheels for upgrades. Choose us for your best deals on more service options and save more for your auto shop solutions, including our:

  • Tire Rotations
  • Wheel Alignment
  • One Year Alignment Guarantee
  • Lifetime Balance Guarantee
  • Wheel & Tire Washing
  • 10 Point Tire Inspection
  • Road Force Balancing
  • Tire Mounting
  • Wheel Alignment Checks
  • Wheel Balance
  • 30 Day Ride Guarantee
  • And more tire shop services

Whatever you need from our stores, we guarantee the best results possible at affordable pricing every day. See the savings we can provide you and your car today with our talented team of tire professionals.


Tire Rotations

Over time, your tires wear down unevenly, requiring us to rotate them out. We recommend tire rotations every 6,000 miles for smoother, comfortable driving.

Car Wheel

Wheel Alignment

Each time you bump a curb, your car starts driving crookedly, causing maintenance concerns. Wheel alignment helps you avoid common issues related to uneven steering.

Car Suspension

Wheel & Tire Washing

Rubber tires and automotive greases leave behind a thick mess that causes brake dust. Keep your car professionally cleaned today.

Car Wheel Washing

Tire Inspection

Without applying enough force, your tires won’t receive proper balancing. Keeping your wheels on the straight and narrow now.

Car Tire

Road Force Balancing

Believe it or not, we can tell a lot about your driving habits by the current condition of your tires. We thoroughly inspect yours for any signs of fraying, wear and tear, and damaged tread, keeping you riding safer.

Car Wheel

Tire Mounting

Most tires need help in fitting onto your vehicle snugly. However, when you choose us, we guarantee the best tire mounting possible at lower costs.

Car Wheel

Wheel Alignment Checks

You can’t always know for sure that what your vehicle needs remain a wheel alignment. We take an in-depth look for warning signs.

Car Suspension

Wheel Balance

An uneven tire can soon lead to many different problems. We ensure your wheels remain properly balanced for even weight distribution.

Tires Near Me

Even in an expanding community, it can still feel challenging to find the tires and wheels that you need most right away. Our store locations assist more drivers throughout the region with avoiding higher costs and fees every day.

From convenient shops for your affordable tire alignments to finding the best deals around, you can rely on our stores. Visit any of our many locations throughout the greater metropolitan area, including the nearby neighborhoods of:


The only thing worse than discovering that you need replacement tires becomes paying too much for your car’s new wheels. And when a store doesn’t carry the brands that you need the most, it only makes your search more challenging.

Because we keep a wider range of inventory and more repair options, you can rely on Tires To You time and again. We can also assist you with no-credit financing, daily exclusive deals, and rebate coupons to save you even more money.

Learn why more area residents continue to rely on our tire center and save more on tire replacements and repair services. We remain the trusted source for more local drivers than any other tire team around.


See why more local drivers turn to our convenient tire shop locations. Tires To You remains your trusted name in wheel repairs.

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